Building Chemical Research

The company behind some of the biggest names in construction and DIY chemical development and supply. The manufacturer behind the branded products you’ve probably used and trusted for years. The innovator bringing new building technologies and greener chemicals to the world.

Own Label Products

We design, produce and package all your chemical products ready for retail.

Get Own-Label Building Chemicals

We produce, brand and supply for some of the biggest names in the industry. How can we help you?
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Chemical ManufactureFrom small-scale to high-volume

We can handle all scales of production to suit your business needs.

Effective Planning

Innovative ProductsBuilding Chemical Research

We develop some of the best-known products, tell us your requirements.

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Environmentally ResponsibleWe care about our footprint

Our product manufacturing process and the chemicals we develop are designed to have minimal environmental impact where possible.

Private Label Building Products

Driving your business forward with innovative building chemical products.

Building Chemical Research
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Bespoke Products

From composition to containers.

Effective Planning

Large Volume

Any size packaging required.

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Designer Packaging

Your brand, your product.

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